Euro 2024: Directions, pubs and public screenings – tips for your trip to Düsseldorf (2024)

Düsseldorf. The match between England and Switzerland will take place in Düsseldorf - including public screenings. We have six important tips for your trip.

  • England and Switzerland meet in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024
  • What should football fans know when they come to Düsseldorf?
  • We have compiled a list of six important tips for your visit to Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf is looking forward to welcoming several thousand fans to UEFA Euro 2024. But how do fans reach the stadium? What sights are there in the city, and where do public screenings of the matches take place? We have collected six tips for your visit to Düsseldorf for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024: Which matches will be played in Düsseldorf after the group stage?

  • 1 July, 6 p.m. (round of 16): France - Belgium
  • 6 July, 6 p.m. (quarter-finals): England - Switzerland
Euro 2024: Directions, pubs and public screenings – tips for your trip to Düsseldorf (1)

Euro 2024: What is the best way to explore the city of Düsseldorf before the game?

Even though almost 700,000 people live in the city of Düsseldorf, the city centre is very easy to explore on foot. For example, it takes around 30 minutes to get from the main train station to Düsseldorf‘s famous Old Town and the banks of the Rhine. Of course, you can also change to the underground or tram here. Many of the city‘s sights - as well as many restaurants and pubs - are located in the area.

Euro 2024: Directions, pubs and public screenings – tips for your trip to Düsseldorf (2)

Euro 2024: After arrival at Düsseldorf Airport: How to get to the city

Every day, several trains run from the airport to Düsseldorf city center, from regional trains (RE and S-Bahn) to highspeed trains (ICE ). The overhead railway „Skytrain“ takes you from the terminal directly to the train station. The S11 even stops directly at the Düsseldorf Airport terminal. Anyone with a valid match ticket can use the „Skytrain“ and the S-Bahn and RE connections to Düsseldorf.

Euro 2024: The best way to get to the stadium in Düsseldorf

If you like, you can also reach the stadium on foot. The so-called Rhine Walk leads from the Old Town directly to the stadium. Visitors then walk directly along the Rhine over a distance of around five kilometres. However, public transport is also available: You can take the underground line U78 directly to the stadium. Those arriving by car will find several parking options around the arena. Again, fans with a valid match ticket can travel for free on the U78 to the stadium.

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Where can I watch the Euro games in Düsseldorf if I don‘t have a ticket?

The three fan zones will be the top places to watch football together in Düsseldorf during the 2024 European Championships. The public squares around the three landmarks Rheinufer, Burgplatz and Schauspielhaus are huge public viewing screenings. With a view of the Rhine and Oberkassel, all European Championship matches of the German national team and all European Championship matches taking place in Düsseldorf will be broadcasted on the banks of the Rhine.

The Schauspielhaus will not only be a public screening area for all European Championship matches, but will also be a cultural venue for other football-related events. All games of the tournament will be broadcasted in the fan zone at Burgplatz.

How crowded are the public screening events?

The otherwise popular hotspot not far from the banks of the Rhine - the so-called Kasematten - is also a great place to watch football. Due to the general popularity, you should arrive early on match days if you want to get a seat. All tournament matches are shown on a total of eight screens.

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Where to find Irish pubs in Düsseldorf?

The pub scene in Düsseldorf is impressive. Irish pubs are particularly well represented in the Old Town. At Sutton‘s Irish Pub, all the matches are shown inside the pub. O‘Reilly‘s and the Irish Pub at Fatty‘s are also showing European Championship broadcasts. This is where you can find them:

  • O’Reilly’sIrish Pub, Mutter-Ey-Straße 1, 40213 Düsseldorf
  • Sutton’sIrish Pub, Hunsrückenstraße 5, 40213 Düsseldorf
  • Irish Pubbei Fatty, Hunsrückenstraße 13, 40213 Düsseldorf
  • McLaughlin’s, Kurze Straße 11, 40213 Düsseldorf

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Euro 2024: Directions, pubs and public screenings – tips for your trip to Düsseldorf (2024)


Will there be fan zones at EURO 2024 tickets? ›

The Fan Zone will also screen all EURO 2024 matches, so as anticipation builds, there will be plenty to discover and experience. Free entry, no ticket required! The Fan Zone offers a varied programme of TV broadcasts, live broadcasts of all 51 EURO 2024 matches and performances by renowned music acts and local artists.

Where is the Fan Zone in Germany 2024? ›

The Euro 2024 fan zone in Frankfurt is located in Mainufer, in a relaxing setting by the river. Here, fans can watch all 51 games at the tournament live on a giant screen with all the usual food and drink on offer.

Where is the EURO 2024? ›

All statistics correct as of 6 July 2024. It is the third time that European Championship matches are played on German territory and the second time in reunified Germany, as West Germany hosted the tournament's 1988 edition, and four matches of the multi-national Euro 2020 were played in Munich.

How much will Euro 2024 tickets cost? ›

EURO 2024 tickets vary greatly in price, with seats in certain parts of the stadium costing significantly more than others. For the tournament's final, the cheapest tickets will cost 95 euros, while the most expensive standard ticket - a centrally located Prime Seat in Category 1 - will cost two thousand euros.

What is the most temperate city in Germany? ›

If you're looking for warmer places to enjoy Germany's natural beauty, head to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) region. Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg is considered the warmest city in Germany, having recorded temperatures of over 40 degrees!

What temperature zone is Germany in? ›

Germany is part of the temperate, rainy climate zone of the mid-latitudes. The annual mean temperature between Sylt (an island in northern Germany) and the Zugspitze (Germany's highest peak) from 1961 to 1990 was 8.2°C. The sun shines an average of 1,544 hours per year.

How many stadiums are there in EURO 2024? ›

Article summary. UEFA EURO 2024 is taking place across ten world-class stadiums in Germany from the Olympiastadion in Berlin to the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg. Find out history, tourist attractions, fixtures and stadium capacity for all the venues and cities.

How many days for Euro 2024? ›

Among the most prestigious sporting events worldwide this year is the quadrennial UEFA European Championships Tournament (a.k.a. 2024 Euro Cup or simply Euro 24). The month-long 24-team tournament began on June 14 with opening round games and will conclude with the championship game on July 14.

Is England out of the euro in 2024? ›

England are through to the Euro 2024 semi-finals after beating Switzerland on penalties.

Is Germany out of the Euro in 2024? ›

Mikel Merino scored deep into extra-time as Spain snatched a dramatic 2-1 victory in Stuttgart to dump host nation Germany out of their own European Championship.

Will there be fan zones in Berlin? ›

The meadow in front of the Reichstag will become the festival centre for the European Football Championship 2024, with a varied cultural programme in addition to the broadcast of all European Championship matches. The fan zone at Platz der Republik will be open continuously from 14 June to 14 July.

Where is the Fan Zone in Munich? ›

One thing is certain: football fans will be thrilled. Nowhere in Munich will there be more football feeling than in the Fan Zone in the Olympic Park. The Fan Zone on Hans-Jochen-Vogel- Square is open daily from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm, on days when the match starts at 9.00 pm until approx.

Where is the Fan Zone in Frankfurt? ›

Fan Zone Mainufer and the Public Viewing are located centrally in Frankfurt directly at the bank of the Main River. You can reach it either by public transport or easily on foot.

Where will the Fan Zone be in Cologne? ›

A large fan zone will be set up on Cologne's Heumarkt square for UEFA EURO 2024™. All matches will be broadcasted. Numerous hands-on activities will provide variety. Cologne will be one of the 10 host cities of UEFA EURO 2024™.

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